Below you will find the policies and rules which govern participation at ASC.  

Hours of Operation
Fees and Billing
Part Time Schedules
Required Paperwork
Late Notices
Extra Charges
Permanent Schedule Changes
Financial Assistance
Pick-up and Drop-off
Health & Safety
Behavior/Discipline Policies
Grievance Procedure
Snacks & Meals
Custody Concerns
Inclement Weather Days
Non-School Days at After School Clubs



Hours of Operation

  • Breakfast Club: 7:00am-7:50am
  • After School Club: 2:45pm-5:45pm
  • Summer Club: 7:00am-5:45pm
  • School Vacation Days: 7:00am-5:45pm
  • RCI: 3:10 pm-6:00 pm

ASC is also closed when the Oregon School District cancels school for inclement weather. On In-service/Vacation Days, ASC may close due to bad weather. Listen to a radio or call ASC when weather threatens. All ASC programs are closed on the following scheduled days:

  • *Labor Day
  • *Thanksgiving Day
  • *The Friday following Thanksgiving
  • *Christmas Eve
  • *Christmas Day
  • *New Year's Eve
  • *New Year's Day
  • *Good Friday
  • *Memorial Day
  • *Fourth of July
  • *Day after last day of school

This schedule is subject to change with notice.

Fees & Billing

Enrollment vs. Drop-in When you enroll, a space is reserved for you year-round until you inform us in writing of your child's termination.

  • Enrollment
    • *Spot reserved for your child.
    • *Lower rates
    • *Tuition due when child absent, holidays, school vacation days, in-service days and snow days.
  • Drop-in
    • *Space permitting
    • *Notification required
    • *Slightly higher rates
    • *Tuition due only for dates requested


Tuition Payment

Payment is due on Mondays BEFORE care is received. Payments should be dropped off in the drop box located on the wall next to the office door entrance or sent to After School Clubs, P.O. Box 166, Oregon, WI 53575. Receipts for tuition and year-end tax information are available upon request.

Fees and Rates:

  • Registration fee for one child $35.00
  • Registration for a family is $50.00
  • ASC T-shirt for field trips is $10.00 per child
  • Breakfast club $5.25 per day or $22.00 per week for 5 days
  • Breakfast club drop-in $6.25 per day
  • ASC After School Rates: Please call for rates
  • Family Discount of 10% on second or more children if all are full time (Effective 6/12/2006)
  • Early Release Days: $9.00 per child
  • Summer Rates: Please call for rates


Part Time Schedules

A part time schedule consists of a child scheduled for the same days each week, a minimum of two days are required to be able to provide the continuity of care for each child. The day(s) available are due to the number of openings in each group. If your scheduled day(s) fall on scheduled closed days due to holiday closings, you may request another day or days at least two-weeks in advance to see if there are any openings in your child's designated group. Only if there is availability, will the child be able to come for the same rate for your scheduled day(s).

Required Paperwork

Some of the following required forms are available for download on the Forms page (HERE)

The following paperwork is required on file by the 1st day of attendance:

  • *Child Enrollment & Health History
  • *Child Information Card
  • *Registration Form
  • *Signed Fee Contract
  • *Parent Handbook & Tuition Payment Form

The following paperwork is required on file by the 30th day of attendance: 

  • *Daycare Immunization Record

Other required forms as needed

  • *Authorization to Administer Medication
  • *School-Age Release Form
  • *Vacation Request Form
  • *Schedule Change Form


Late Notices

1st Notice: sent Wednesday, payment due by Friday 2nd Notice: sent following Monday; $5.00 fee, payment for 2 weeks due by Friday 3rd Notice: sent on Friday; $10.00 per day charge until payment is received or other arrangements made. 4th Notice: Termination and/or legal action Continual late payments may result in termination from program.

Extra Charges

  • *Registration Fee $35 per child/$50 per family
  • *Phone Call $2.00 per call
  • *Swimsuit Rental $3.00
  • *Late/Early Fee
    • 1 to 5 minutes=$3.00
    • 6 to 10 minutes=$8.00
    • 11 to 15 minutes=$15.00
    • More than 15 minutes=$1.00 per minute (The wall clocks in the cafeteria or classrooms will be used to determine the correct time.)
  • *Full Day Extra Charge (per level)
  • *Field Trips-varies
  • *Lunch Fee $5.00
  • *Schedule Change Fee $10.00
  • *Returned Checks $25.00 + amount of check


Permanent Schedule Changes

A two-week written notice is required to alter your child's schedule. Failure to do so will result in a $10.00 bookkeeping fee and two weeks tuition will be due. Child's schedule will be changed on date form is turned in. A "Schedule Change Form" is available in the office. A "Termination Form" is also available in the office to terminate your child from ASC permanently. (See "Withdrawal Policy")



Regularly , full time, enrolled children will receive the following vacation days: School Year: 2 weeks Summer: 1 week A "week" is measured by your child's normal weekly schedule. One week of unused school year vacation may be carried into the following summer session. Vacation may not be carried over from summer to school year. A "Vacation Request Form" must be filled out and submitted to the ASC office 2 weeks in advance of vacation days. E-mail to the Executive/Assistant Director can also be completed to receive credit. Families signed up for "Summer Only" positions receive no vacation time.



A two- week written notice is required to withdraw your child. Tuition is due for 2 weeks from when written notice is received.


Financial Assistance

If you are unable to afford regular tuition, there are a few options available.

  1. Contact Dane County Human Services office to find out if you qualify for assistance.
  2. Apply for the June Venden Scholarship fund. Applications available in the office.


Pick-up and Drop-off

You must sign your child out in the sign in book and list the time when you pick them up. You must inform the staff in advance if someone else will be picking your child up. They must be listed as an authorized pick-up in your child's file or we need written notice. A substitute pick-up may be asked for a picture ID if staff has not previously met this person. In some circumstances, ASC staff will contact another authorized pick-up for you and your child.


Health & Safety

Your child cannot attend if they display any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever Vomiting
  • Rash-undiagnosed or contagious
  • Contagious Illness: Contact ASC if your child is infected with a contagious disease. You will be notified if your child has been exposed.

This list is not inclusive. Sick children are prohibited from attending the program until such time as they are certified to be healthy.



Notify ASC when not attending. A 24-hour answering machine is available at our After School Club's office at 835-9808 or you may e-mail to The school district does not inform us of absences. Parents are responsible for regular tuition in the event of an absence. If we need to call you to locate your child, you will receive a charge of $2.00 per phone call.


Please bring any medication for your child directly to the ASC office. Children are not allowed to carry medications on their persons. An "Authorization to Administer Medication" form must be completed for all medication. All medications must be in the original container and properly labeled with your child's name clearly printed on the container along with the physician's name and phone number.


All injuries are cared for in accordance with first aid procedures. Children requiring critical medical care will be transported via EMS to the nearest medical facility. Parents will be notified if their child has sustained an injury.


Behavior/Discipline Policies

Children are expected to respect each other, staff and property.

Discipline Methods Used by ASC:

  • *Positive guidance
  • *Redirection
  • *Establishment of clear, concise, and reasonable limits Consequences that may occur:
  • *Short time outs
  • *Revocation of special privileges
  • *Referral: Five-step process:
    • 1st Referral
    • 2nd Referral
    • 3rd Referral=1 day suspension without refund
    • 4th Referral=3 day suspension without refund
    • 5th Referral=Expulsion without refund (at discretion of Administrative Staff)

Referrals will be given to parents to read, sign and return. It will be placed in the child's file. If the situation permits, parents are encouraged to conference with the respective teacher(s) and the director. ASC will make every effort to meet the needs of each child.



Dismissal may result from the following:

  • >Failure to follow the policies in this handbook.
  • >The needs of the individual child cannot be adequately met with our available resources.
  • >After a 5th written referral.
  • >Parents are abusive or disrespectful toward staff in any way.
  • >Parents are abusive or disrespectful towards children other than their own.


Grievance Procedure

  • *Communicate with your child's teacher daily.
  • *Speak with the Executive Director/Assistant Director.
  • *Speak with the Board of Directors-a list is available in the office or on the Parent Board.


Snacks & Meals

Nutritious snacks, fruit and milk are provided during the morning and afternoon. All snacks are prepared in accordance with USDA guidelines and posted weekly. Upon request, specific snacks can be served to children with special medicinal needs. Children will need a lunch and drink when the ASC program they are attending includes a lunch hour. Lunches from home should contain the following to agree with State Licensing requirements:

  1. Milk 1 cup
  2. Meat or meat alternate Meat, poultry, fish, cheese 2 oz. Egg 1 egg Cooked dry beans or peas cup Peanut butter or other nut or seed butter 4 Tbsp. Peanuts or soy nuts or tree nuts or seeds 1 oz=50%
  3. Vegetable and/or fruit (at least 2) cup
  4. Bread or Bread alternate 1 slice


Custody Concerns

We will release a child and a child's information to either parent unless we have a written restraining order on file.

Inclement Weather Days

  • Breakfast Club - If school is delayed, there will be no Breakfast Club. If school is canceled, there will be no Breakfast Club.
  • After School Club - If school is delayed, After School Clubs will be open as usual. If school is canceled, there will be no After School Clubs. If school closes early, there will be no After School Clubs.

Non-School Days at After School Clubs

If there is inclement weather on a non-school day, the Executive Director will make the decision to close, if necessary. If ASC would close, the radio stations of Magic 98 and WIBA AM radio would be notified along with the local TV stations of channel 3,15 and 27.